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To have high performance tyres, one thing to always remember is that tyres require constant inspection, control and deep care. If you want to have long-lasting, maximum performance tyres, constant care and attention are the key words in tyre maintenance. Also, it is extremely important to find and use the right tyre for your vehicle.  

It is a significant necessity to have the maintenance and necessary adjustments done by an authorized service every 10,000 kilometers. However, it is not a correct approach to wait until 10,000 km. Checking your tyre on a daily basis, a careful approach to possible problems, ensures that you have a safe and high-performance tyre on the road.  

Did you know that you can extend the wearlife of your tyre by knowing and applying some easy and important information? The components that make up the tyre may naturally change depending on time and usage and may lose their first day properties. But with some important precautions, it is possible to keep this time above your expectations! As is known, tyres that are over the age of 10 are recommended to be replaced, regardless of their usage frequency, even if they have no damage. With the right approach, it is entirely up to you to control or extend this time.  

Would you like to take good care of your best travel companion and have it with its maximum performance with a long wearlife? Here are the important recommendations for you from the team Lassa;

Important Recommendations In Order To Extend The Tyre Lifespan

1- Check your tyre daily, make sure that there is no substance stuck in the tyre and that the air of the tyre is sufficient and balanced.

2- Have your tyre checked by professional person / institution at least once a month. Make sure to maintain the pressure of your tyre so that its performance is high and as expected.

3- Make sure to check your tyres deeply before a long journey.

4- The tyre pressure will be more accurate if it is checked when the tire is cold. Because the cooled tyres show the most accurate pressure value.

5- Avoid all kinds of activities that will cause tyre abrasion. Make the tyre balance adjustments regularly and make sure that the load carried by your tyres is not more than they should carry.

6- If you use suitable tyres for the road and the weather conditions, you will be safe and your tyres will have its highest performance.

7- Don't strain your tyre performance by carrying a load over capacity. Such situations cause tyre abrasion and low performance, and consequently shorten its life.

8- Tyre does not like over speed. Be careful not to go over the speed limits in order to protect your tyre’s performance.

9- Do not neglect to make the rotation, rot & balance adjustments every 10,000 km. These settings will cause your tyres to stay healthy, long-lasting and provide maximum efficiency.

10- Be careful to avoid uneven abrasion on the tyres. If there is more abrasion in one part of the tyre than in the other parts, that’s mean it has an uneven abrasion. In that case, make sure that you adjust the correct settings by inflating your tyres evenly and of course with the right pressure.  

Remember, taking good care of your tyre means taking good care of yourself and ensuring your safety on the road!

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