How To Store Tyres

How To Store Tyres

As you change between summer and winter tyres, these four big wheels under your car can get harder and harder to store. Many people do not have a specially designated space to store tyres, so they usually have problems with keeping them.  

It's important to think about where to store the unused tyres if you switch between summer and winter tires.  When winter tyres are required, tyre "hotels" are simple to find. Your local mechanic is a good place to get help if you're unsure where the closest storage facility is. Storing your tyres in a tyre hotel is the easiest solution you can find.

How to Store Tyres at Home

However, it is not always possible to find a tyre hotel for your extra wheels. Then, what to do with extra tyres? If storing them away from home is out of the question due to cost or convenience, the next concern is how and where to store tyres to keep them in top condition.  

Cracking on the tyre wall is the most crucial thing to prevent. Long periods of time without usage might cause this to happen to tires. Anti sunlight oxidation additives keep the tyres flexible while the vehicle is moving, and you can use these additives while you are storing tyres in the house too.  If they are not moving for a long time, on the other hand, it can cause an uneven distribution of these compounds, leading to dry patches.  

Because of this, it's critical that you keep your tyres out of direct sunlight while not in use. Use a tyre marker to indicate their original position after you've washed and dried them with a mild soapy solution.  Each tyre should then be encased in a black opaque bag. Black garbage bags may be used to protect your tyres from damage. Before you seal them, try to remove as much air as you can from them.

How to Store Winter Tyres

The optimal conditions for keeping your winter tyres are dry, cool, and away of direct sunlight. It's for this reason that a metal storage room with shade iis preferable than one constructed of wood and featuring many windows. Hot pipes and generators may also harm your tyres, so be cautious of them.  

Tyre rubber may crack if they get wet or get plenty of sunlight. In order to preserve the rubber on your wheels, you may buy tyre-protecting bags. They can help you store your winter tyres in a dry and cool place.

Best Places to Store Tyres

The air conditions of where you keep your tyres are also crucial for long term tyre health. The optimal temperature is room temperature. You should keep your tyres off the ground in a cool, dry and clean place. Any heating or hot water supply should be kept far from the tyres. It is very important that you keep the tyres in a dry place as the water can damage the elasticity of the material over time.


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