Can You Use Winter Tyres In Summer

Can You Use Winter Tyres In Summer?

Many people ask themselves, can I use winter tyres in other seasons too? The answer is yes- but you should not. There are many reasons why you should change your tyres back to the summer ones as soon as winter is over for good. In this short article we will look at why you should change your winter tyres after winter is over.

Why Should You Change Your Winter Tyres in Summer?

Can you drive winter tyres in summer? If you want to keep your winter tyres in summer, keep these facts in mind- because it is obviously not worth it to use winter tyres in summer.

Winter Tyres Are Designed For Lower Temperatures

Snow and ice conditions need the use of a specific rubber composition that remains malleable at freezing temperatures. Using winter tyres when the temperature rises over 7 degrees Celsius is very damaging to them. Winter tyres that are driven on hot pavement wear out far more quickly than those that are used on cold pavement.  

Summer tyres (which can be used in all seasons except winter), on the other hand, are engineered for decreased rolling resistance and extended tread life. Rubber compounds in these tyres are intended to withstand a broad variety of temperature and road conditions.

Winter Tyres Wear Out Quickly

In the summer, driving on winter tyres might cause them to wear out more quickly than in the winter. This is because the rubber composition in winter tyres is meant for colder temperatures, not warmer ones.  Because winter tyres are made of a softer rubber composition than all-season tyres, they won't provide the same level of responsiveness. On hot, summer roads and at higher temperatures, cornering, acceleration, and braking may be affected.  

A lack of tread depth might provide a greater danger to drivers in the winter. You may anticipate less wear on your winter tyres the next winter if you drive on them in the summer. Because of this, less snow, slush, and water will be channeled into your tyres.

Winter Tyres Are Not Cost-Effective

Using winter tyres all year long will cost you a lot of money, too. Change your winter tyres with all-season or summer ones at the proper time to save money and increase their service life. Moreover, winter tyres have a greater rolling resistance than all-season tyres, which may cost you money at the pump. Because winter tyres are not designed to last but to give high performance, they have a relatively shorter life span than summer tyres. Thus, by changing your winter tyres in summer, you can save more money by extending the life of your tyres.

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