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At Brisa, sustainability is one of the most important fundamentals of how we operate. We strive to offer sustainable products and services to the market.

Brisa has an outstanding performance for sustainability and ranked as one of the Turkey Climate Change Leaders and Water Security Leaders in CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Turkey, one of the most important non-profit environmental initiatives. We also encourage sustainability transformation mindset across our supply chain. Brisa is one of the global leaders getting the highest possible grade ‘A’ in the “Supplier Engagement Rating” category.

We define all our actions we have taken in terms of how they serve the Sustainable Development Goals sought out by the United Nations to solve the problems, and we care about being a shareholder in the solution of a globally initiated action.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our activities and their impact on global warming is among our strategic targets. Our goal for carbon emissions is to reduce by 56% in 2030 and to become net zero by 2050 taking 2020 as the base year. In line with this goal we presented our target to SBTI (Science Based Targets Initiative). We are very proud that our long-term emission reduction targets was approved by SBTI in 2021 September. We are the first company in Turkey who achieved to get approval of its targets determined according to 1,5 degrees scenario.

We strive to increase the share of green products in our portfolio taking into account their environmental impacts throughout their life cycle, including the consumption processes outside of our factory site. We are working on new concept products with lower rolling resistance, less emissions and noise, and lower weight. Lassa Greenways is our first eco-friendly tyre specifically designed to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions without compromising on safety.

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