How To Tell The Size of a Tyre


What Size Tyres Fit My Car

You'll need to know what size tyres are appropriate for your car after you've decided it's time to purchase tyres. This information is normally found in your car's owner's handbook or inside the doorjamb. It's important to understand how tyre size works if you want to be sure your present tyre or a new tyre you're considering fits your vehicle's needs. You may not have given the string of numbers and characters on each tyre much thought, but it's a rich mine of information.  

If you're not sure how to read tyre measures from your tyre walls, the information and visuals below will help you comprehend and interpret tyre size. If you wish to replace your tyres with a different size or type, visit an authorized tyre shop for professional advice, since many optional tyre sizes may have different load capabilities and may need wheels with various rim widths or diameters, as well as different inflation pressures.  

How To Find Tire Size

Finding the manufacturer-recommended tyre size should be simple no matter what car you drive. The owner's handbook is the best location to start searching.  

If you can't find the manual, a tyre fit guide may be found in places like the driver's side door jamb, inside the glove box door, or inside the gas tank hatch.  

Tyre size info may also be found on the sidewall of your present tyres (provided they're the right size). No matter where you look for your tyre size, you'll have to figure out a series of numbers and letters. Don't worry if it seems to be confusing at first; each letter and number has a clear significance. Let's have a look at how to determine the size of an automobile tyre.  

Finding Tyre Width  

The width, in millimeters, of the right tyres for your vehicle, such as P250/60R13 94S, is the first number in your tyre size information.  

The measurement from one sidewall to the next is always referred to as tyre width. As an example, a tyre with the designation "P250" is designed for passenger vehicles and has a nominal width of 250 millimeters.  

While it is possible to increase the size of your tyres, for greatest performance, it is typically advisable to keep to the manufacturer's suggested tyre size. Once you've figured out how to read tyre numbers, you can rapidly filter down your tyre selections by size.     

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