How to Know When to Change Tyres? When Should You Replace Tyres?


How to Know When to Change Tyres? When Should You Replace Tyres?  

Gradual tyre wear is undetectable until a motorist finds himself slipping sideways into the bushes. As a result, it's essential to get your tyres examined or replaced as necessary. When considering whether or not you need new tyres, consider three factors: tread wear, exposure to the outdoors, and tyre age.  

How Long Do New Tyres Last?  

The answer, at the risk of eliciting an eye-roll, is "it depends." The lifetime and mileage a driver may receive from a tyre are determined by a number of variables.  

A winter tyre age, for example, will wear more rapidly due to its softer substance, which performs well in the snow but wears out more quickly when forced into dry pavement. Drivers who slam on the brakes and accelerate quickly will discover that their tyres do not last as long as their more relaxed counterparts.  

Tyres and the road surface are both harmed by bad weather, which reduces the tyre's lifetime. And drivers who never check their tyre pressure or alignment will wear out their rubber quicker than a kindergartener getting excited about his new eraser on the first day of school.  

Tyre Age Limit  

The frequency with which you should change your tyres is determined by your driving habits (the more you drive, the quicker the tread wears down) as well as other considerations including weather and road conditions. Experts suggest replacing tyres that are 6 years old or older, even if they have lots of tread remaining.

Tread Depth Test

The 20p test is a simple, fast, and painless technique to test your tyre wear and to understand if it is the right time to replace your tyres. Simply place a 20p penny into the tread grooves of the tyre. Your tyres are beyond the legal limit if you can't see the outside band on the coin.  

If you can still see the band and that area of the coin, your tyres are potentially dangerous and should be inspected by a technician.  

A new set of tyres may be costly. However, don't put off changing your tyres since they're your vehicle's most critical safety feature. New tyres may also make your automobile more pleasant to drive, and some current types can even help you save money on gas.  

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