How Often Should You Rotate Your Tyres?



Tyres are one of the most critical and underappreciated components of a vehicle. Wheels that are properly-maintained keep your car safe and running well. Most drivers are aware that rotating their tyres on a regular basis extends their tyre life, but how frequently should you rotate your tyres? And what difference does it make? Here's how to look after your tyres so they can look after you. 


Cupping and scorching of the sidewall are two frequent tyre faults that may be discovered during an examination. 


Why Should You Rotate Tyres?


Tyres may not wear evenly if they are not rotated. Front tyres have a bigger part in braking, and they have to fight for traction on front-wheel-drive cars, so they wear out faster. In addition, minor differences in suspension and alignment might cause uneven wear patterns. All of this may affect the ride and noise level of your automobile, as well as the tyre's lifetime. 


The rotation pattern (some are front-to-back, others side-to-side) and frequency will be specified in your owner's handbook. The cost of tyre rotation varies, so shop around: If you purchase tyres from them, certain vendors may provide the service for free. 


How Often Should I Rotate My Tyres?


The tyres wear at varying rates depending on whether you're driving a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive car. Because powered wheels have more work to perform, they wear out more quickly. A front-wheel-drive automobile, for example, relies on its powerful front wheels to steer, stop, and transfer power to the ground (all while carrying the added weight of a front-mounted engine and transaxle). 


By rotating your tyres, you give them a chance to balance out their wear and get more life out of them, the experts explain. They suggest rotating your tyres every 3000 to 5000 miles, or at the very least every time you have an oil change. If your car's owner's handbook says it doesn't require fresh oil very often, schedule a tyre rotation at least once every six months. 


If you're unsure about proper tyre rotation, consult your owner's handbook, ask at a dealership, or speak with a professional who is experienced with your vehicle and its tyres. However, if at all feasible, rotate them. It will, at the least, extend the life of your tyres and save you money.


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