How Long Do Tyres Last?


How Long Do Tyres Last?  

The tyres are one of the most vital pieces of an automobile. Being our cars' sole point of contact with the road, they have an impact on handling, acceleration, and ride quality.  

In light of this, how long do automobile tyres last and when should they be replaced? Continue reading to understand how to determine a tyre's production date, the typical tyre life duration, and what causes tyre degradation to accelerate.  

Tyres' Lifespan  

Naturally, the lifetime of a tyre is determined by the kind of tyre you have and how you use it on a daily basis.  

For example, if you drive on poorly inflated tyres or expose them to adverse road conditions on a frequent basis, the tread will likely wear down faster. Similarly, if you've developed any undesirable driving habits or your wheels aren't properly aligned, your tyre lifetime may be shortened. Other considerations include how the tyres are kept, how well it is cared for, and the environment in which you drive. 

Furthermore, tyres age as a result of a chemical reaction called oxidation. When the rubber in the flexible regions of the tyre is exposed to oxygen particles, it hardens. Oxidation begins when a tyre is made and continues whether it is placed on a shelf or used often; however, it accelerates at variable rates depending on how you answer the question of ‘How to keep tyres’.  

How Long Should Tyres Last?  

It's all too easy to take tyres for granted and neglect them. Tyres must be well-maintained and changed at regular intervals in reality.  

Tyre manufacturers and safety organizations agree that vehicle owners should change their tyres every 5-6 years. The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation reiterates this, stating that tyres may be regarded fresh for up to 5 years from the date of production.  

There's more, however. If the tread depth is less than 2mm yet the tyre is less than 5 years old, it is not necessary to replace it. Any considerable reduction in tread depth, as well as any other physical flaws, should be taken carefully.  

Similarly, even if a tyre appears to be in good condition, it may not be safe to drive on, especially if it hasn't been properly stored. The components within a tyre aren't invincible, and they might separate for a variety of causes without causing any visible harm to the outside.

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