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Tyre Tread Check

Because tyres are the only elements of a car that make contact with the road, they must be at the forefront of your attention every time you go behind the wheel. If you ignore them for too long, you risk receiving a hefty punishment of up to £2,500, or worse, jeopardizing your own and your passengers' safety.

"How can I check tyre tread wear?" is a question that our service department is often asked. If you've ever wondered how to check tyre tread depth at home, don't worry; the procedure is easy and fast, and although a professional tread gauge might be useful, no special instruments are required.

Tyre Tread Life-span

While a tyre's normal lifetime varies based on the elements listed above, once the depth exceeds 3mm, it's usually a good idea to order a replacement. According to a similar study, under inflating or over-inflating a tyre affects grip between the rubber and the road, resulting in higher tyre wear and longer stopping distances.

Tread Depth Gauge

Use a tyre tread depth gauge as the first technique of determining the remaining tread depth on your tyre. Tread depth gauges are typically measured in 32nds of an inch (25-26 millimeters). Some gauges feature a needle-like form with an expandable section that measures tread depth. Because tyres wear in different ways, measurements should be obtained at several points around the tyre.

Tyre Tread 20p Test

'The 20p test,' as it's known, is a popular phrase. This is the fastest and most convenient technique to examine the tread depth of your tyre, but it is also the least accurate tyre tread test.

Place a 20p coin in the tyre's main tread grooves. If the raised edge surrounding the coin isn't visible, your tyre tread is likely more than 1.6mm and hence permitted.

If, on the other hand, the outside band is visible when the tyre is placed, your tyre may be dangerous and should be inspected by a specialist. Because cornering and alignment might cause the tread to wear at varying rates throughout the tyre, be careful you take numerous measurements across the middle three-quarters.

Tyre Tread Wear Indicator

Another option for checking your tyre tread is to utilize the tyre tread wear indicator. The tread wear indicator is located less than an inch (2/32 of an inch) from the tread groove's bottom. The tyre should be changed when the tread wears down to the same level as this level.

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