• L4
  • L4

High efficiency on rocky terrain

Deep treaded, cut resistant, long life loader- dozer tire that can be retreaded again and again.


Long life and extra retreadable

Thanks to L-4 type deep treaded tread pattern, it is long life. Strong nylon cord body structure provides high durability, impact resistance and extra retread ability.

Resistant to wear, impacts and chipping

Resistant against cuts, chipping and wear thanks to its special cut resistant tread compound. Thick sidewall construction protects the sidewall of the tire against damage caused by rocks and pointed objects.

Powerful traction in forward and backward directions

Due to its non-directional tread pattern, it has optimum traction ability both in forward and backward directions. The rubber belt binding the tread blocks to each other reinforces the tread and minimizes block movements. With the large tread blocks reinforced at the bottom, wear life and traction ability is increased.

Safe drive in rock services

Tough loader - dozer construction allows safe drive in rock services.