Silent hero of the city

Competus H/L, the new choice of people driving 4x4 and SUV type vehicles in the city and on motorways, is designed to offer comfort and silent driving pleasure to the driver. Meet the Competus H/L and start to enjoy 4x4 pleasure in the city.


Silent and comfortable driving on asphalt

Offers excellent comfort and a silent ride to the user, with its special construction, wide tread blocks and central blocks.

Control and safety while driving in high speeds

While the design of Competus H/L provides quick response ability to your vehicle in sudden maneuvers at high speeds, stable ride and safety are standard.

Long life and durability

Competus H/L, very long lasting due to its special tread compound, has superior durability with the specially designed body construction.

Superior road handling and braking both on wet and dry surfaces

Peripheral grooves and vertical chamfers provide excellent water draining ability for Competus H/L. Thus, hydroplaning is avoided and high level road handling on wet surface is provided due to silicated tread compound.

Construction convenient for off-road use

Durable construction and special tread compound of Competus H/L also assists its user in off-road use.