The Secret of FC Barcelona: Lassa

The players of FC Barcelona get inspired from the durability of Lassa tyres when improving their durability, agility and ability. Here is the players of FC Barcelona and their personal trainers Lassa tyres.

Victor TomásPersonal Trainer Impetus Revo 2

It is durable against potholes, bumps and other bumpiness, thanks to its special construction and it allows you to use your tyre safely for a longer time.

Neymar Jr.Personal Trainer Snoways

It offers superior performance on snowy and wet ground, thanks to the improved special simulation technologies. It has an excellent balance between snowy and wet ground performances. You will be on safe side with this balance even under tough winter conditions.

Luis SuárezPersonal Trainer Greenways

Greenways has 25% longer service life compared with its competitors and you can take the road safely with it. It not only consumes low fuel, but also presents longevity thanks to its nano-pro technology. Both your tyre and your wallet will be sound and safe during your travels.

Ivan RakitićPersonal Trainer Competus AT

The tread pattern that can clean itself and wide shoulder channels prevent the tyre from holding mud. Angled shoulder blocks enable optimum traction on wet and muddy ground and short and fine channels on tread pattern support traction on wet ground. It is durable and safe thanks to its special construction's endurance against cutting and abrasions.

Juan Carlos NavarroPersonal Trainer Phenoma

Designed for sport cars and sporty drivers, Phenoma enables excellent handling on both wet and dry ground, reaching up to the limits. Phenoma has the capability of fascinating its user with its fast responses to quick maneuvers and excellent braking.